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How to get rid of pollen on your clothes/floor ?
Can you imagine... finally you have beautiful flowering lilies in the house and than it happens... You walk by and the pollen brushes against your new white shirt ...

Act quickly but carefully!

By padding gently, for example whit a piece of cloth or a handkerchief you beat the pollen out of your clothes. On the floor, this does not work and you must deal with the vacuum cleaner. This is of course also possible on clothing.

Important in all cases: Do not rub !!! It makes the spots worse...

To prevent this you can also in the early stage of the lily flowering, spray the pollen with a little hairspray. You keep that beautiful look of the lily flower but will have the problem of loose pollen.


Lilies are speciaal ! If you once got them in your home you don't want other plants anymore. Here you can read more about how to take care of a lilium and more. In our forum you can post your questions and your expercienses.
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