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Why lilies don't smell ...
You often hear: "lilies smell, I prefer other flowers in my house". This perception is not good ! Most of the available lily are odourless. For years, many growers are trying to develop more types of lilies that spread little or no odour. Liliums without odour and pollen ? Yes it can.

The smell of the Oriental lily and OT lily is perceived by many as a nuisance. But in fact those lilies that have more flowers, a beautiful leaf production and are available in many colors, are not spreading a strong odour! Asians, LA and Double lilies have all these advantages you and we like most.

The double lily is developed in such a way that they even have no stamens. So, the potential spots in clothing or carpets belong to the past. They are also like other groups, listed by the farmers and therefore their production will increase.

Lilies are speciaal ! If you once got them in your home you don't want other plants anymore. Here you can read more about how to take care of a lily and more. In our FAQ area you can post your questions and your expercienses.
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Liliums need the right food to grow better. Look here for a very good testmovie..
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Liliums need to be cut well to keep them longer in a vase. Normally two weeks should be fine...
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Lilies for planting in a garden are plenty available. Several varieties in different collours and sizes. Make your garden...


Asiatic & LA (odour less)
Longiforum & LO (slight odour)
Oriental en OT (strong odour)
Double Lilies(odourless/pollen less) NEW
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Dutch Lily Days
The top 15 lilium companies of The Netherlands have decided to organise a few Open Greenhouse day's to show the world their glasshouses in wich liliums are growing at that time. For more information and particpants look at the special website:

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Which lily does not have a strong or no smell ?
How to get rid of pollen on your clothes/floor ?
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What to keep in mind in a flowerstore ?
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